Truphone: BlackBerry users can save 50 percent


International calls made over Wi-Fi offer companies a way to cut costs

Wireless telephony specialist Truphone has launched an application for BlackBerry smartphones which it claims could allow business users to make international calls from their mobile handsets at fixed-line rates.

In a statement released this week, the company said that its infrastructure means UK users can make global calls over Wi-Fi without suffering the poor call quality that sometimes affects wireless communications.

“The proposition is extremely compelling, particularly in this economic climate,” said Truphone’s chief executive Geraldine Wilson. “Companies are keen to cut costs but find that an increasingly mobile and global workforce need to make international calls from mobile devices as a part of day-to-day business. Truphone solves that problem by providing international calls from mobiles at fixed line rates.”

According to Truphone, its new business service is designed to work alongside existing mobile operators rather than being a direct replacement. “Users dial a number as usual and if the number is international, Truphone intercepts the call and connects it to the international destination,” the company said.

Deployment of the service should also be relatively straightforward. The application can be automatically pushed to each device owned by a company via the Blackberry server. Specifically designed for business use, the service also offers centralised monthly billing with itemised and departmental reporting, Truphone said.

Companies only pay for the local rate call to Truphone and the international leg of the call, at fixed line rates, said Truphone.

The new service is available two tiers of rates, TruStandard and TruSaver, for a monthly subscription of £2.50 and £5.00 respectively.