Red Hat Delivers OpenShift Dedicated On Google Cloud Platform

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Enterprise managed service offering. OpenShift container platform to be combined with Google Cloud Platform

Red Hat has said that its container platform (OpenShift) has now been combined with Google’s global cloud platform after the launch of ‘OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud Platform‘.

OpenShift Dedicated was launched in December 2015. Essentially it is geared towards enterprise customers who wish to speed up their adoption of containers within a more secure environment. Red Hat acts a service provider for it, offering various support services etc.

In January this year both Google and Red Hat partnered up so that the OpenShift Dedicated container platform could run with Google Cloud in the future.

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And now that has become a reality, after Red Hat revealed the managed service can now provide enterprises customers with the ability to build, launch and manage applications on OpenShift Dedicated with Google Cloud Platform as their underlying cloud infrastructure.

It is worth remembering that containers are a portability option for when using multiple environments. Containers allow users to package up their software with all of the necessary files so the entire system can be easily moved from one computing environment to another.

“With the availability of OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud Platform, users can speed adoption of containers, Kubernetes, and cloud-native application patterns, benefiting from Red Hat’s deep enterprise experience,” said Red Hat. “Meanwhile users will also benefit from Google’s global, container-optimised infrastructure and can more easily augment their applications with Google’s data analytics, machine learning, and other tools and services.”

According to Red Hat, the ‘OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud Platform’ includes 100GB of SSD-based storage, as well as 48TB network iops, and nine nodes to deploy container-based applications. There are also admin and security controls to allow customers to customise and secure access to their cloud environments.

Also included is access to Red Hat JBoss Middleware container-optimised services, and the service is available across all six worldwide Google regions. In addition, it comes with integration with other Google Cloud services, such as Google Cloud PubSub, Google Big Query, and Google Cloud Big Table.

“With OpenShift Dedicated, OpenShift serves as the abstraction layer that works across multiple clouds,” explained Ashesh Badani, VP and general manager, OpenShift at Red Hat. “By expanding OpenShift Dedicated to now include Google Cloud Platform, our customers’ apps that run on OpenShift Dedicated can also take advantage of Google Cloud Services, furthering our vision for a truly portable platform across the multiple cloud and infrastructure platforms.”

Red Hat is also providing professional services to help customers migrate container workloads, and build microservices-based apps.

OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud Platform is now available for users with a valid Red Hat OpenShift subscription.

“Customers consistently tell us that they are looking for open solutions that will enable them to use both public and private infrastructure; they want choice,” said Nan Boden, head of Technology Partners, Google Cloud. “Red Hat has been an essential partner in making Kubernetes available to enterprises looking for the support and flexibility to manage a hybrid cloud. We are deeply committed to working with partners like Red Hat to help our customers operate in a digital world.”

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