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Google, Microsoft, Amazon Unite Under Open Container Project

A horde of tech giants have signed up to a coalition that will create a concrete standard for the future of software containers.

Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Docker, and IBM are among those who have joined the Open Container Project (OCP).

Other participants include Intel, HP, Huawei, Google, VMware and Microsoft.


The OCP, launched by the Linux Foundation, has a goal of allowing users and customers to continue to develop container-based solutions that won’t be affected by fragmentation of development standards within the industry.

As part of this initiative, Docker, one of the most well-known container developers, will donate the code for its software container format and its runtime, as well as the associated specifications. The move also sees Docker unite with its startup container rival CoreOS to advocate container openness.

“Containers are revolutionising the computing industry and delivering on the dream of application portability,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation.

“With the Open Container Project, Docker is ensuring that fragmentation won’t destroy the promise of containers. Users, vendors and technologists of all kinds will now be able to collaborate and innovate with the assurance that neutral open governance provides. We applaud Docker and the other founding members for having the will and foresight to get this done.”


Over the past few years, the container movement has built up significant traction in the technology industry. Tens of thousands of developers and businesses use container technology to package and transport applications and ship programs.

The OCP said that it will remain vendor-neutral, and stick with the open source, open governance model.

“In a few short years, containers have significantly improved the developer experience for building apps and offer legitimate cross-platform portability. They promise to fundamentally change the way applications are built and run and enterprises are only just starting to see their full potential, said Craig McLuckie, a manager at Google Cloud Platform.

“We believe that open communities drive innovation, which is why we’re pleased to support the creation of a common standard with the Open Container Project.”

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