Tech Quiz Of The Week: Microsoft Office

Office 2016 across devices

What do you know about Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is perhaps not as ubiquitous as it once was but you’d be hard pressed to find someone computer literate who has never used Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

It is 26 years old this week and since then it’s gone through many redesigns and transformations to get to its current cloud-based incarnation.

Microsoft Office quiz

microsoft-office-for-mac-touch-bar-3By the time Microsoft launched Office 365, it had shifted more than 750 million copies and its latest product is the world’s most used piece of cloud software.

But while everyone has complained about unfathomable Excel files and ‘death by PowerPoint’,  there are some things you might not now about the suite.

Like how it was the first version of Word that introduced the computer mouse to the masses and the PC receive Excel two years after the Mac did.

But what do you know about Microsoft Office?

Find out with our quiz!