Tech Quiz: Microsoft Office & Office 365

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What do you know about Microsoft’s office suite?

While the likes of Google Docs have made it easier to avoid using Microsoft Office, chances are that if you’ve used a PC in the past 20 years or so you’ve used Outlook, Word or Excel.

Who doesn’t remember Clippy, the original personal assistant, a few Excel formulas or being subjected to Death by PowerPoint?

Office 365 Microsoft PowerPoint

But Office is a modern workplace essential, even after 27 years. Office 365, introduced at the start of the decade, is the world’s most used cloud application with more than 100 million users.

New applications, services and features are being added all the time, improving the experience for users and making life easier for admins.

However there are still a loyal army of users who want the ‘perpetual’ version. And earlier this week, Microsoft confirmed Office 2019 was on its way.

But what do you know about Microsoft Office?

Find out with our quiz!