Microsoft Urges Internet Explorer Upgrades Before Support Ends


Microsoft says upgrading will ensure customers get security updates and will pave the way for Windows 10 migration

Microsoft will end support for some older versions of Internet Explorer early next year, and has urged businesses who rely on the browser to power web apps to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11.

From January 12 2016, only the most recent version supported by an operating system will continue to receive security updates and other patches. For Windows 7 and 8.1 this is Internet Explorer 11, but for Vista it’s Internet Explorer 9.

Internet Explorer support

microsoftInternet Explorer for consumers was retired with the advent of Windows 10, which has the new Microsoft Edge browser. However businesses can take advantage of an ‘enterprise mode’ within Edge which launches Internet Explorer 11 for certain web apps.

Microsoft says it will continue to improve enterprise mode for businesses and says that by moving to Internet Explorer 11, companies will find it easier to migrate to Windows 10 as the same version of the browser is supported by all its latest operating systems.

“We understand many customers have web apps and services designed specifically for older versions of Internet Explorer, so we’re continuing to improve our set of Enterprise Mode tools to help you run those applications in Internet Explorer 11,” it said in a blog outlining the changes.

“Upgrading to Internet Explorer 11 can ease the upgrade to Windows 10, too, since Internet Explorer 11 is supported on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.”

Specifically, Microsoft has improved Internet Explorer 7 and 8 emulation, added support for HTTP ports and new tools to help make web applications compatible. Users can now elect to open ‘modern’ websites in Edge rather than Internet Explorer and there is also better diagnostic management.

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