Ingres Bundled With JBoss Middleware


Ingres has bundled its database software with Red Hat’s JBoss middleware in a nod to application developers

Ingres has packaged its open-source database software with some of Red Hat’s JBoss middleware to appeal to developers. Included in the Ingres Development Stack for JBoss is the Ingres database as well as Red Hat’s JBoss Developer Studio and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

With the release of the Ingres Development Stack for JBoss, Ingres is combining its database with JBoss Developer Studio and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. The offering includes all the components of Ingres Database and JBoss Developer Studio with an eye towards creating an environment where Java developers can build applications with the database and middleware those apps need for support.

“Worldwide enterprise customers are already using both companies’ open source technologies, but this represents the first time Ingres has pre-assembled an entire open source IT solution that includes JBoss Enterprise Middleware,” said Deb Woods, vice president of product management at Ingres, in a statement. “Ultimately, it offers businesses the most advanced, proven application server and database technologies at a low cost point, as well as an open alternative to locked-in proprietary solutions at these critical layers of the stack.”

The Ingres Development Stack for JBoss is available immediately as a 90-day evaluation here. Ingres has pre-configured all components to work together with the goal of allowing developers to begin coding immediately once installation is complete. Business applications built using the stack will include Ingres database features such as hot back-up, on-line table and index reorganisation, database partitioning and parallel query execution.

“With this development stack, Ingres has built a solution that pushes even deeper into the enterprise,” said Mike Thompson, BPM Practice Director at Butler Group, in a statement. “In the past, open source would be used at the development stages and then the code would be transitioned into a proprietary software offering. As a Red Hat partner, Ingres is delivering a sturdy commercial open source offering that helps make open source inside the enterprise a reality.”