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Say Goodbye To Uneven Bill Charges With Good Work With Data

Workers all around the globe are benefitting from the flexibility and productivity that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives can bring to their work, but who should foot the payment if they are running up huge data bills?

Finding the balance between work and personal use on company devices can still be a troublesome issue for some businesses, many of which have been hit with large charges by employees consuming data when out of the office.

In a bid to make such charges simpler to implement and understand, Good Technology is launching Good Work With Data, an add-on to its Good Work service launched last year. This new plan allows businesses to separate work and personal data usage on the same device and establish policies that pay directly for approved mobile app use, independent of carrier and without the need for employee stipend or reimbursement programs.

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Speaking to TechWeekEurope, Good Technology CEO Christy Wyatt explained that the new plan will be especially useful for large, multinational businesses whose workers rely on being able to stay mobile to work to full capacity.

The question of who is financially responsible for work-related data usage on employee personal devices has become a growing concern for both IT management and legal counsel in organisations worldwide.

IT departments are now under pressure to provide access to corporate systems, while ensuring complete data security and personal privacy, but thanks to a range of recent and pending legislation, also need to address the question of “who pays?”

In order to remain in compliance with legal, HR and even tax regulations, companies now need to manage the business use of personal devices more closely. Additionally, when an employee knows that the cost of using a business app will be paid for by their employer, and not charged against their personal data plan, enterprises can realise greater mobility benefits and user engagement.

Good Work with Data enables IT with the ability to easily make configuration adjustments on-the-fly and tie data usage directly to corporate apps, saving both the business and IT time and money.

“When we talk about these mobility strategies, we shouldn’t get locked into this view of distancing,” says Wyatt. “This is about strategies that become unlocked – so that we can address the management, the security and compliance to ensure the data is not at risk when its in those applications.

The company has seen big growth in both the UK and Europe over the last few years, thanks to its large base of multinational customers, with Wyatt saying that the regions will benefit from continued investment in the future.

“There have clearly been a lot of global mobility programs, and one of the things we’ve seen over the past year is that the conversation around who wants to be the firm understanding BYO?” says Wyatt.

“Only Good has this unique architecture and can enable a hassle-free BYOD solution with true data billing separation – no one else has this today. This approach allows us to avoid the challenges other MDM vendors face as they expand their offerings, allowing Good to deliver a seamless experience without compromising any of the usability and security requirements our customers expect.”

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