Domino’s Alexa Intergration Enables Pizza Ordering Via Voice Commands

Pizza fans will be able to order their favourite Domino’s meal through a simple voice command barked at the Amazon Echo

Technology’s appetite to penetrate every aspect of human life is arguably insatiable, as pizza takeaway firm Domino’s has demonstrated by enabling pizza’s to be ordered via voice control through Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant

Users of the Amazon Echo or the smaller Echo Dot speakers that contain Alexa at their core, will be able to command the virtual assistant to deliver them circular baked dough with just a sharp voice command. 

According to Domino’s the typical home-cooking shy customer, too engrossed in a boxset or someone kicking a ball around, will be able to bark “Alex ask Domino’s to feed me” to command her to order her master or mistress’ favourite order, without even the hint of a ‘please’. 

Further voice commands can be uttered to get updates on the status of the order and how long it will take to arrive. 

Tech meets pizza 

Domino's AlexaA little groundwork is needed to get Alexa into pizza ordering shape. Users mus first set up an ‘Easy Order’ account at, then enable the Domino’s skill in the Alexa App, and finally link the Domino’s account to the Alexa account. 

Once that is done, Domino’s highlighted that people can make” the simplest food order ever, over and over again” with what appears to be no concern to public health or the financial difficulties serial pizza fanatics could find themselves in. 

Domino’s claims to be the first pizza company to have integrated its ordering process into Alexa, but we have no doubt other will follow suit, 

This all plays into the larger theme of digital transformation, whereby traditional established businesses are adopting the latest technologies in fashions that aid their business processes or customer interactions, rather than simply overhaul IT infrastructure and plough all their systems into thew cloud. 

Vodafone is another company that has adopted Alexa into its business as a means of injecting some digital transformation into its customer service. 

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