Apple Fixes Mac Security Vulnerabilities With Automatic Update


Bug fix should prevent malicious remote access, says Apple

Mac computers across the world have received an automated cyber security update from Apple, which will help defend against new types of bugs identified by security experts that could potentially access computers remotely.

Apple sent out the update on Monday in the form of a patch will fix security vulnerabilities in OS X. The vulnerabilities were in the network time protocol, which is used for synchronising the system clocks on computers.

Department of Homeland Security

It was last Friday when the Department of Homeland Security in the US made acknowledgment of the bugs public. The update is installed automatically by Apple and does not require assistance from a user.

Reuters cited Apple spokesman Bill Evans as claiming that Apple introduced the method of sending out automatic bug fixes two years ago but it has not been used previously to this incident.

Evans said that the update is seamless and does not even require a restart.

An Apple Mac computer with an iPhone 6 on display
An Apple Mac computer with an iPhone 6 on display

Reuters also reported the Apple spokesman as saying that the firm is not aware of any cases where a Mac has been exploited by the bugs.

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