Privacy Policy


NetMediaEurope endeavours to respect the privacy of its customers and users at all times, ensuring that the confidentiality of any information they share with NetMediaEurope is treated with the utmost guarantees. In the present Privacy Policy, NetMediaEurope sets out its compliance with current data protection legislation in the United Kingdom such as the UK Data Protection Act 1998. It also seeks to address any queries or doubts that its customers and users might have in this sense.

NetMediaEurope UK Ltd. is the owner of this website. For more information about NetMediaEurope UK Ltd., such as contact details where users may exercise their legal right to access, rectify, cancel or challenge any data NetMediaEurope collects on its sites, please consult our Legal Notice.

User Consent

By choosing to access this NetMediaEurope website, users recognise that they are aware of the present Privacy Policy that establishes what personal information NetMediaEurope collects via its website and the use it makes thereof.

Personal Details

NetMediaEurope will only use any personal contact details (postal address, email address, telephone number, mobile number, fax number etc.) that users provide via its websites to contact users regarding the services they have requested. This includes the publication of user-generated content on NetMediaEurope websites, user surveys aimed to help NetMediaEurope improve its service to you, registration renewals and alerts about information published by NetMediaEurope that the user has expressed a wish to receive.

From time to time, NetMediaEurope may invite users to register to receive additional or new information and/or services as and when these become available. However, NetMediaEurope will not persist in sending users such information or services without their express consent.

If users choose to register in order to gain access to specific services or information provided by NetMediaEurope but limited to registered users only, users will be asked to supply NetMediaEurope with a username and password, which NetMediaEurope will keep in its databases. Users may also be requested to supply NetMediaEurope with additional information about themselves or their professional capacity, such as job function, title, industry sector, company name and country. NetMediaEurope reserves the right to limit access to such services to users that provide this information.

In order to provide users with free resources, such as whitepaper libraries or premium downloadable information and/or services, NetMediaEurope may share users’ business and contact information with companies whose content those same users choose to view and download from one of the NetMediaEurope network of sites. By downloading this content, the users give their express permission to share their personal information with the company that has provided the download. This company may contact them later with further information and offers regarding the product that the content is about. This enables us to keep the library a free service.

NetMediaEurope may also offer users the possibility to opt-in to receive marketing information about ICT products and services from carefully selected, reputable companies and organizations: either by email, telephone, post and/or SMS. NetMediaEurope will only send users marketing information that it believes may be of their interest, either in a personal or professional capacity. NetMediaEurope will however always send this information to you directly. It will never divulge a user’s personal or professional details to third parties without the user’s express consent.

Website User Information

NetMediaEurope collects certain types of anonymous statistical information about its website users, such as domain names and IP addresses, operating systems, browser, browser version, cookie details and referral websites. The reason for this is to identify and rectify faults in the website and be able to manage traffic adequately. However, NetMediaEurope never links this brute statistical information to specific users.

HTTP cookies are parcels of text sent by web servers to user browsers or other web clients, which are then stored on user computers. They help websites such as those operated by NetMediaEurope to identify specific user computers for logon purposes (authentication), for session tracking, and to determine how frequently specific web pages are visited. NetMediaEurope sites may use cookies to protect the integrity of its services and access. NetMediaEurope never uses information gathered using cookies for other purposes.

NetMediaEurope uses the following third-party services in its websites, to serve advertisements and measure traffic:

DART. Ad server whose privacy policy can be reviewed here:

Google Analytics: traffic measurement and tracking service, whose privacy policy can be reviewed here:

NetMediaEurope uses the above third-party services in good faith but can in no way be held responsible for the content or the privacy policies of these and other third-party websites whose content is linked to from its own websites.

NetMediaEurope reviews its Privacy Policy periodically. It reserves the right to modify this policy at any time without notice. Any changes to the policy will be posted on this page.