Vodafone Launches Enterprise Security Business

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Vodafone will provide tools, services and advice to businesses as it seeks to take advantage of growing demand for security

Vodafone is starting a dedicated cyber security division and will provide businesses with technology, specialist advice and support.

The unit, called Vodafone Enterprise Security Services (VESS), will be an umbrella for all of the Vodafone Group’s security services and products as the company seeks to secure a larger slice of what it believes is a £75.4 billion market.

Among other things, VESS will offer cloud-based protection, network perimeter management, threat detection and response and consultancy services to help customers develop policies, manage risk and ensure they are compliant with regulatory requirements.

Vodafone enterprise security

Vodafone HQ NewburyVESS will be headed up by Simon Church, who will report to Vodafone Group Enterprise CEO Nick Jeffrey.

“Our customers know they face a wide range of cyber threats, many of which could materially impact their operations and brand,” said Jeffrey.

“We know they’re looking for trusted partners with the right expertise to stand with them and help them secure their operations from end to end. Vodafone Enterprise Security Services is designed to meet that important need. Under the experienced leadership of Simon Church, VESS will be completely focused on helping our customers protect their businesses in an unpredictable world.”

VESS will work with a number of third party suppliers and will benefit from Vodafone’s existing relationship with BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, which started in 2013.

The Newbury-based operator says cyber security has become one of the biggest areas of concern for businesses, fuelled by government initiatives, new legislation and high profile data breaches – such as incidents at TalkTalk and Ashley Madison.

However Vodafone itself has not been immune to breaches. The company became the first UK communications firm to be awarded the government’s Cyber Essentials Plus cybersecurity certification in 2014, but in November last year, the personal information of 1,800 customers was accessed by an outside source.

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