Will Avast’s New Headquarters Help It Level Up In The Antivirus Game?

The most successful tech company in the Czech Republic aims to improve its service by bringing Silicon Valley to Prague

PC and mobile security software firm, Avast Software, has opened a larger and more innovative new headquarters Prague.

The need for more space was a result of Avast’s significant growth and success in recent years, according to Vince Steckler, Avast CEO.

The antivirus company has more than tripled in staff in the past five years and is now in a building that will support the next phase of its growth, he said.


“Avast has chosen a building that reflects its open, innovative and inspirational company culture,” Steckler explained. “With this move we plan on continuing to grow in the mobile sphere, to further expand our SMB and enterprise business and to provide consumers with innovative security they will need in an Internet of Things world.”

Avast Pool tables and tabletop footballAvast borrowed the ideas and design principles popular in Silicon Valley, for inspiring excellence and collaboration, to its new 15,000m2 office space. Avast currently occupies seven floors of its new building, which each have stairways that are six metres wide making it easy to mingle with colleagues as they come and go.

There are 45 meeting rooms where employees can get together to strategise and collaborate. Avast employees also have a Silicon Valley style cafeteria, which serves fine food for free from morning until late afternoon. The cafeteria is furnished with picnic-style tables and benches, supporting coincidental meetings among employees who normally may not sit together.

Avast HammocksThe office’s fitness area gives employees the chance to have a healthy work-life balance. In addition to the fitness room, employees have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other in other relaxing and fun areas in the building such as in the hammock room, by the pool tables, near the golf simulator, in the cinema, or at the library. There is also a kid’s room serves as support to the parents of Avast.

Steckler added: “Our previous offices were really nothing fancy and that’s putting it nicely. Now we have a terrific place for our employees to come to work. And it offers an environment, which we’re sure will allow for greater interaction between departments and, in turn, lead to greater innovations.”

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