US Congress Asks Agencies For Kaspersky Labs Documents

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Fears over spying for Russia have prompted the probe which Kaspersky vehemently denies

US Congress has asked US agencies to share documents they have on Moscow-based cyber security company Kaspersky Lab over concerns it may be using its security products to spy on the US. 

Reuters reported it has seen letters asking for US agencies to hand over documents and communications that data back to January 1 2013 which assess Kaspersky’s products and the risk they pose towards the US. 

The request was made by the US House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology and was prompted due to concerns that Kaspersky’s security software could be used to carry out “nefarious activities against the United States”. 

Spy software 

smart meterThe committee also requested list of any government systems with Kaspersky software on them and the names of US contractors and subcontractors that use the security software. 

It is worth noting, that despite its efforts, Kaspersky is not a supplier of cyber security tools to the US government, which is one of the world’s largest buyers of cyber security products. 

Due to the nature of Russian politics and business, US agencies and government have been concerned about the potential for the Russian government to meddle and manipulate Kaspersky into carrying out activities for it, such as espionage and data exfiltration

However, Kaspersky has vehemently denied such connections on several occasions, noting it is an international company not one tied to a specific nation. 

“Kaspersky Lab has no ties to any government, and the company has never helped, nor will help, any government in the world with its cyber espionage efforts. The company has a 20 year history in the IT security industry of always abiding by the highest ethical business practices and trustworthy development of technologies, and Kaspersky Lab believes it is completely unacceptable that the company is being unjustly accused without any hard evidence to back up these false allegations,” Kaspersky Lab said in a statement to Silicon

“Kaspersky Lab, a private company, seems to be caught in the middle of a geopolitical fight where each side is attempting to use the company as a pawn in their political game. Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and founder of Kaspersky Lab, has repeatedly offered to meet with government officials, testify before the US Congress and provide the company’s source code for an official audit to help address any questions the US government has about the company. Kaspersky Lab continues to be available to assist all concerned government organisations with any investigations, and the company ardently believes a deeper examination of Kaspersky Lab will confirm that these allegations are unfounded.”

Relations between the US and Russia over cyber security are both tense and confusing, with President Donald Trump noting the two nation are ‘exploring’ the creation of a joint cyber security group, having backtracked on such a partnership only weeks before hand

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