Top 5 Tips For Keeping Hackers At Bay

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Wherever you are, be safer from hackers with these top tips from Sophos

Summer is right at the door, and many of us will be off on our summer holidays within the next few months – but do you know the dangers of going online when not in the security of your own home or work?

Security vendor Sophos has put together five useful tips on what travellers can do to be a bit more tech savvy and protect their assets whilst enjoying the sun.

  1. hackersLock your computer and your phone when you aren’t using them. You should also pick a long password, encrypt messages and use a “Find my Phone” app.
  1. Don’t count on public Wi-Fi being safe. Be careful what you connect to, and use a secure VPN if you can.
  1. Turn off geo-tagging. Does everyone need to know you’re away from home?hackers
  1. Internet cafes aren’t private. Malware could easily be spying on your online movements.
  1. Keep your devices up to date. For added protection, use an anti-virus on your PCs and Macs, and think about using anti-virus on your smartphones and tablets, too.

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