Dell Opens ‘State-Of-The-Art’ Scottish Security Facility

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Skyfall this is not, but Edinburgh’s Secure Operations Centre will be European Dell SecureWorks HQ

Edinburgh will now be the home of Dell SecureWorks’ European efforts after the firm opened its Security Operations Centre in the Scottish capital.

Dell’s SecureWorks division works to provide infosec services, and the facility will incorporate research, engineering, and security operations capabilities.


DellJohn Swinney MSP, Scotland’s Deputy First Minister, attended the opening ceremony. In a speech full of gusto, he said: “I am delighted to be here today to see another significant company deciding to invest in Scotland. The launch of Dell SecureWorks’ cutting-edge facility here in Edinburgh is a huge endorsement of all that Scotland has to offer in terms of talent, skills and infrastructure.‪”

Indeed, Dell claims to have fostered a “significant presence” in Scotland, and says it will work to support quality jobs in the country.

“As a consequence of the company’s ongoing business transformation to an end-to-end solutions provider, the employment offered by the company in Scotland is increasingly highly-skilled and more and more of our Scottish employees are taking on EMEA-wide and global roles,” said Dell.

Michael Cote, vice president of Dell SecureWorks, highlighted how the IT threat landscape is constantly changing, and has actually superseded IT to become a business issue.

Cote said that in Scotland, Dell already has access to some of the most experienced security talent in the industry, and that team will continue to grow with the new centre.


Last month, Dell reiterated its efforts to compete in the ‘end-to-end’ market, claiming that no other vendor can match the firm’s scale in the Internet of Things sector.

Dell believes its ability to provide ‘end-to-end’ IoT hardware, software and services makes it ideally placed to capitalise on demand for M2M technology.

Speaking at the company’s innovation event in Copenhagen, Andy Rhodes, head of Dell’s newly created IoT division, acknowledged that Dell was hardly the first company to target the IoT, but its scale and experience in both the IT and operational technology (OT) markets would give it a significant advantage.

“IoT is absolutely not new,” he said. “M2M has been around for many years in many industries. The reason why it’s getting so much airplay is consumerisation … and the underlying technologies that allow for business value have massively fallen in price.”

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