Jeremy Corbyn’s Twitter Account Is ‘Hijacked’

Hackers post series of satirical messages on Jeremy Corbyn’s account before control is re-established

The Twitter account of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was apparently hacked on Sunday night, with a series of satirical messages appearing on the feed before being quickly deleted.

The first message, appearing just after 21:00, began: “Here we go… here we go… “, and was followed by another stating, “Davey Cameron is a pie”.

Jeremy Corbyn Political hack

jeremy corbynTwo more messages appeared shortly afterwards, one alluding to Corbyn’s opposition to the Trident nuclear programme and another stating, “straya c****” – an Australian term expressing patriotic pride and possibly intended as a signature by the unknown hackers.

The messages were deleted after only a few moments, but not before they had gone out to Corbyn’s more than 380,000 followers and had been retweeted hundreds of times.

A spokesman for Corbyn declined to comment.

A number of high-profile political figures and organisations have seen their Twitter accounts hijacked in recent months, including US Central Command in January 2015.

A group called Cyber Caliphate claimed responsibility for that hack, whose founder was later identified as a British citizen.

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