Google Gives Users More Control With Privacy And Security Hub


Google admits users feel they don’t have enough control over how their information is used to power its services

Google will make it easier for users to change and understand their security and privacy settings after admitting most people don’t feel they have sufficient control over “these important decisions.”

The new ‘My Account’ hub provides the ability to choose what information is shared with Google and used for different services, which apps and websites are connected to a particular account and how relevant ads are served up.

Users can also take privacy and security check-ups that provide step-by-step guides to the most important privacy and security settings.

Google privacy and security

Google security 1Google is also building a new site that will answer the most common security and privacy-related questions. The company claims its users will better informed about how data is used and kept secure and what tools are provided to control what information is collected.

“When you trust your personal information with us, you should expect powerful controls that keep it safe and private as well as useful answers to your questions,” said Guemmy Kim, Google’s product manager for Account Controls and Settings. “Today’s launches are just the latest in our ongoing efforts to protect you and your information on Google. There’s much more to come, and we look forward to your feedback.”

The search giant has come under fire in recent years for its harvesting of personal information, most notably with the introduction of a new controversial privacy policy in January 2012, which merged all of its previous policies for various services into a single document.

This caused widespread concern among regulators around the world when it was introduced in March that year, resulting in fines and revisions. The company agreed to change its policy in the UK in January following an intervention from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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