User Data Compromised In Gamer Social Network Hack

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User Data Compromised In Raptr Gamer Social Network Hack

Raptr, a social-networking and messaging service that targets gamers, said a recent hack has resulted in the possible compromise of users’ personal details, including usernames and passwords.

Raptr chief executive Dennis Fong said that the hack resembled those that have recently targeted services such as Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network.

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“User names, email addresses, password hashes, and some first and last names may have been accessed,” Fong said in a message addressed to users.

Although the passwords accessed were encrypted using hash functions, which are intended to mask the original input data, Fong said that the hackers may be able to decypher the hashes in cases where weak passwords were used.

As a result, Raptr accounts may be at risk of unauthorised access, while those who made use of the same username and password on other sites may also find those third-party accounts at risk, Fong said.

“Although the potential risk to Raptr users is pretty minimal, we urge you to access any accounts on other sites and services in which you use the same login and password associated with your Raptr account and change the related password(s) immediately,” he wrote.

Two-factor authentication

He added that the site’s system for redeeming Raptr Reward Points requires additional authentication measures, so that that system is not at risk.

“We strongly advise you to use a password that is reasonably complex and not associated with another site/service account,” Fong wrote.

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network were recently downed by hacker groups Lizard Squad, which said the action was intended to highlight weak security.

Sony recently began offering compensation for a 2011 breach that saw users’ personal data compromised.

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