Tuto4PC Slams Cisco’s Claim The Company Infected 12 Million Computers

Tuto4PC seeks legal advice over claims it is a “shady malware distribution enterprise.”

French software firm Tuto4PC has hit back at Cisco’s security research team for labeling it a “shady malware distribution enterprise.”

Cisco’s security intelligence division, Talos, accused Tuto4PC of sneaking unwanted programs, which exhibit malware-like behaviour, onto 12 million computers.


But Franck Rosset, Tuto4PC group CEO, is adamant that Talos’ claims are “innacurate,” and the company is taking legal advice regarding possible action it could take against the “inexact and negative presentation” of its business and public disclosure of our proprietary code.

Rosset explained: “Since 2004, our business model has been to create widgets, tutorials etc for free download on download websites.

Computer generated image of a downloading window. © eldeiv - Fotolia“The download of our programs is for free, subject to agreement for accepting advertising from an adware attached to the download.

“Contrary to Talos’ wrongful allegations, our business has been approved by French regulators and we have never been indicted or sued for any malware distribution. We also have a technology subsidiary, Cloud 4PC, with some developments in cybersecurity.

Rosset noted that his company is using a technology to bypass “undue” antivurs blocks, so that people can still download its programs, along with the adware.

He said: “Although the bypass software is extremely efficient, it has no purpose or use other than helping the Tuto adware to download.

“There is no malware activity and Talos cannot prove or show any malware use of the program. With more than 10 million installations, if there was any malware activity obviously there should be some user complaints?”

He added: “We are a French company and very easy to reach. We are not hiding in some rogue country. We do not understand why Talos has not contacted us prior to their post.

Tuto4PC subsidiary Cloud4PC has imminent plans to launch AV Booster, an antivirus booster that Rosset says will prevent any real malware to use bypass techniques like the ones Tuto4PC developed.

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