Cyber Attack Blocks HSBC Customers From Online Accounts


HSBC says it is working hard to get its banking facility back online after a DDoS attack

Cyber criminals have launched a damaging ‘distributed denial of service’ (DDoS) attack on HSBC’s website, preventing its customers from accessing their bank accounts.

The bank has admitted that its online banking facility is out of action today but stressed it does not believe any transactions have been impacted.

DDoSTwitter update

HSBC took to Twitter to keep its customers updated, stating: “HSBC UK internet banking was attacked this morning. We successfully defended our systems.

“We are working hard to restore services, and normal service is now being resumed. We apologise for any inconvenience

DDoS attacks work by overloading websites with traffic, and can cause online services to go offline until the problem is resolved.

This has been a testing month for HSBC’s online banking facility, having also suffered a ‘glitch’ on January 5. It also caused an online banking outage, although HSBC said it had not been caused by a cyber attack.

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