Infosec 2017: BT Continues Push Into Cybersecurity With Forescout Partnership


BT’s latest security service aims to make managing mobile devices simpler and more secure

BT’s expansion into services and securities has continued with the launch of BT Managed Endpoint Security. 

The company sells security services to its corporate customers as part of packages which also include network tools, unified communications and direct connections to public cloud providers. It’s wider ‘Cloud of clouds’ vision forms part of this strategy. 

Security partners include Trend Micro and Symantec and now BT has enlisted the support of Forescout for its latest product. 

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BT security 

Forescout’s technology will be used to improve real time visibility and to control devices. The platform can classify, assess and monitor devices and let administrators securely manage them. It is also possible to set policies with security management tools to automate workflows and speed up responses. 

The focus on mobile and IoT is inevitable given BT’s £12.5 billion acquisition of EE. 

What is your biggest cybersecurity concern?

  • Ransomware (28%)
  • Humans / Social Engineering (27%)
  • State sponsored hackers (14%)
  • Malware (14%)
  • Other (7%)
  • Out of date tools (6%)
  • DDoS (4%)

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“Our global reach and our experience in providing the entire range of cybersecurity services make us a partner of choice for organisations all over the world,” declared BT’s David Stark. 

“By bringing ForeScout’s technology into our portfolio, we extend our ability to protect organisations against the latest threats through improved visibility and control. Whether it’s protecting a head office or a branch site, adding the ability to monitor just about any device connected to the network offers a much required additional layer of security to companies moving into the digital world.” 

BT Security’s other role is to protect its own business. The division’s President Mark Hughes told Silicon last year that it had learned the lessons from the TalkTalk hack and the company has embarked on a recruitment drive. 

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