Tech Quiz: Biometric Technology & Security

Biometrics are taking over and technology is becoming more personalised, but what do you know?

Biometrics are infiltrating just about every part of technology; securing logins, authenticating payments and making people healthier.

Smartphones now have fingerprint sensors that replace PIN numbers, customer service hotlines can recognise people’s voice and British bank TSB now claims to be the first in Europe to let customers access their accounts via an iris scan – providing you have a compatible smartphone of course.

biometric fingerprint scanning

Biometrics are also being used in other areas. Indeed, the Williams F1 team claims biometrics have helped it achieve the fastest pit stops in the sport.

But this is a fast evolving area and things aren’t perfect. Biometrics can still be tricked and the technology isn’t ubiquitous just yet.

But we thought it was time we tested you on your biometric knowledge. So…

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