Toshiba Releases Encrypted USB Stick With Built-In Keypad

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10-number keypad used to authenticate access to documents inside

Toshiba has released USB sticks featuring numeric keypads that are used to unlock the encrypted contents of the drive.

The user has to enter a secure code before plugging the drive into a computer, and once access is granted, the drive unlocks the media held inside.

Content ‘automatically locks’

When the drive is removed from the USB port, the contents is then automatically locked and encrypted again.

Toshiba said: “The Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive uses a built-in mini-keyboard to authenticate access, incorporating a rechargeable battery so the user can enter a secure code before plugging into a USB port.

“Should the Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive become lost or stolen, it is equipped with a Brute Force Hack Defense Mechanism that will render all stored information irrecoverable afterToshiba 10 consecutive unsuccessful attempts to enter the secure PIN.

“The Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive also carries a FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) Publication 140-2 Level 3 certification, issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a certification often required by government agencies and other data security sensitive industries, such as healthcare and finance”.

The sticks are available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB versions, ranging from £62 to £130.

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