Microsoft Combines Windows 10 Update To Ease Installation

Redmond for the first time is trying a different process with its Patch Tueday monthly updates, to make the updating of Windows 10 easier

Microsoft has made a key change in how it pushes out updates to its Windows 10 operating system, to ease installation issues going forward.

In an effort to avoid the nightmare scenario where a Windows 10 update fails to install, Redmond is now including what it is calling a servicing stack update (SSU) with its regularly scheduled cumulative update program.

This development was first noted by BleepingComputer, and Microsoft should include the SSU with the Windows 10 update due out on Tuesday 9 March.

Bundling update

Until now, cumulative updates have been delivered on the second Tuesday of every month – otherwise known as Patch Tuesday.

However, a servicing stack update (SSU) is not a regular update, and has until now only been delivered when Microsoft sees fit to address certain bugs or issues that may prevent a cumulative update from installing correctly.

But now Microsoft is combining both the cumulative updates with a servicing stack update for ease of installation.

To prepare for this release, Microsoft pushed out a standalone SSU (KB4598481) that allows for installing the combined or bundled update.

Easier installations

But why should this bundling of the SSU with the regularly scheduled cumulative update be noteworthy?

Well it is because SSUs often repair the actual update component in Windows 10, and can thereby fix issues that might prevent a patch from installing on a PC.

This is good news for system administrators.

Microsoft previously did not issue SSUs on a monthly basis, which could create issues when the actual SSU is needed in order to install the regular Patch Tuesday update.

As mentioned above, there is one final standalone SSU available (KB4598481), which paves the way for having future ones bundled.

“Starting with this release, Microsoft will combine the latest servicing stack update (SSU) for your operating system with the latest cumulative update (LCU),” Microsoft was quoted by BleepingComputer as saying. “To utilise this improvement, install the most recent standalone SSU (KB4598481) before installing this LCU.”

Next week’s combined Patch Tuesday update requires the KB4598481 SSU update installed already.

If it is not installed, users may receive the following error, BleepingComputer noted.


If this error is displayed, simply close the dialog and install the KB4598481 SSU before trying again.