Poll: Who Are You Backing In The 2017 General Election?

What is the best outcome for the UK technology industry? Let us know

On Thursday, Britain will go to the polls yet again to decide the next UK government. Not only will it determine the direction of the country for the next five years but also how it will leave the European Union (EU).

This has huge implications for the technology industry which was overwhelmingly against Brexit. Regulatory issues, access to talent and markets, and economic considerations will all be key for the future of the sector and those who rely on it.

10 Downing Street

General Election 2017 Poll

So which party would be the best for technology? Is it Theresa May’s conservatives, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, or someone else? We want to know what you think.

You can read our takes on all the major manifestos via our Election 2017 section and will provide coverage after the vote too.

But for now, why not vote in our poll? And let us know in the comments what your concerns about the future are and what the next government can do to ease them. 

Who will you be voting for at the 2017 General Election?

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