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Zipari Launches Employer and Member Acquisition Center to Accelerate the Health Insurance Sales Pipeline

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Zipari, the company behind the first and only consumer experience platform built specifically for health insurance, is excited to announce the launch of its Employer and Member Acquisition Center (EMAC). This new product enhances healthcare-payers’ sales strategy with a pre-configured customer relationship management (CRM) tool to accelerate the sales pipeline across all market segments, from Medicare Advantage to individual and family plans to small and large group employer plans. Combined with Zipari’s broker and consumer portals, EMAC provides the first holistic sales experience, supporting all market segments, on a single-payer platform.

“The majority of healthcare sales processes and technologies are siloed across market sectors, which makes it difficult to get a holistic view of the pipeline or determine whether they are meeting enterprise-wide revenue goals,” said Mark Nathan, CEO and Founder of Zipari. “The acquisition process may also contain roadblocks and lack automation, which can slow down the sales cycle altogether. In developing the Employer and Member Acquisition Center, we set out to address these challenges by building workflows that are tailored to every payers’ line of business and their user groups – brokers, account executives, proposal teams, and more.”

Zipari’s Employer and Member Acquisition Center is built on top of traditional CRMs, and integrates with broker and shopping portals to provide a holistic view of all sales activities across all health insurance market segments. The product also includes automated end-to-end health insurance workflows to support payer processes, from underwriting to RFP/RFQ to group setup. These pre-built configurations significantly minimize, if not eliminate, the need to hire outside consultants, reduce overhead costs, and enable payers to deploy revenue-driving sales technology in weeks, not years.

Additionally, the Employer and Member Acquisition Center arms payers with performance and pipeline reports that provide insights into broker performance, channel conversions, and more. Payers can enhance prospecting tactics, prioritize opportunities, manage brokers, and adjust sales tactics in real-time.

“We’ve spoken to hundreds of health plan executives who’ve invested millions of dollars in an attempt to customize an out-of-the-box CRM solution to fit their specific needs, and who’ve received little in return,” Nathan added. “With Employer and Member Acquisition Center, executives no longer need to spend time and effort hiring and retaining platform-specific engineering talent and instead can focus on accelerating their sales cycle and acquiring more customers, faster.”

About Zipari

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Zipari, is a growth-stage technology startup that develops products for health insurance carriers to engage with consumers in new and innovative ways. With unsurpassed technology, Zipari’s products provide real-time insights at every touchpoint, delivering a breakthrough consumer experience that health insurers want and their members seek. Zipari now serves more than 13-million members via their payer customers. Zipari is backed by our lead investor, Vertical Venture Partners, a venture capital firm focused on investments in companies that target specific vertical markets and Health Velocity Capital, a growth equity investment firm which invests in innovative healthcare software and services companies that are building a more consumer-friendly and affordable healthcare system. For more information about Zipari, please visit