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YGC Executive Summit Series Empowers Fortune 500 Leaders to Turn Industry Challenges Into Action

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YGC launched Executive Summit Series starting in Austin and Houston to invite innovation executives to openly share industry challenges and propose potential solutions. Following the summits, the enterprise leaders are encouraged to seek appropriate next steps both internally and externally. Some have opted-in for milestone based proof of concepts through rapid prototyping and others are looking to explore the problem further through Hackathons and workshops.

In 2019, YGC hosted the first Executive Summit: Data at IBM design HQ in Austin with executives from Ascension, ExxonMobile, BP, Dun & Bradstreet, National Oilwell Varco and Walmart. The theme of data also brought attendees from S3, BuildGroup, Charles River Ventures and Perot Jain to share collective insights from their portfolio ventures.

The discovery from the summit led to formation of YGC’s first venture in the energy sector, solving inefficiencies in workforce management within Oil & Gas.

Last month, YGC partnered with Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) to host the Executive Summit: Energy in Houston with leaders from Shell, BP, Fluor, Chevron, Saudi Aramco, CSL Capital Management and HESS. The featured speaker, Dr. Nils Kaageson-Loe, shared the importance of adapting to digital transformation and providing upskilling opportunities for 156,000 members of SPE worldwide.

Henry Liu, Partner and COO of YGC states: “YGC is determined to work with our oil and gas partners to weather this difficult business climate. Our first order of business is to make labor more skilled, efficient, and transferable to other industries facing critical needs.”

The upcoming Executive Summit Series in May will be limited to less than ten attendees to adapt to the new business environment with the on-going concerns.

About YGC

YGC partners with Fortune 500 leaders to build industrial-grade software applications that solve complex industry challenges. YGC is a corporate venture studio based in Austin, Texas.