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Xenon arc Launches directibility™ Online Commerce Platform

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Xenon arc, a leading data-driven marketing and sales organization, announced the launch of directibility™, an online, fully integrated research, selection and ordering portal that saves time, increases speed and provides greater access to real-time information largely for small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in the materials industry. directibility™ personalizes and customizes the online customer experience, and is the latest enhancement to Xenon arc’s disruptive business model, Xa-DIRECT.

“While many companies in our industry manage through their respective inward-looking ‘digitization’ initiatives, Xenon arc is offering SMB customers greater service choices with the launch of directibility™, a first-in-kind solution in the materials industry,” commented Paul Warburg, President and Chief Executive of Xenon arc. “Through exhaustive Voice of the Customer research, years of domain expertise in the SMB space, and hours of market research and demonstrations, Xenon arc created directibility™. It represents a significant enhancement to the customer experience with a personalized, configured solution for each end-user. This portal was specifically designed to augment our Xa-DIRECT dedicated commercial teams, and is designed to save time, increase speed, and allow for greater access to real-time information.”

Empowering directibility™ is a deep, fundamental understanding of SMB requirements and the overall customer journey, from product discovery through to product purchase, delivery tracking and re-order. Additional solution features include:

  • Foundational SEO & digital marketing support
  • Guided product selection
  • Ability to request samples
  • Intuitive online-ordering process
  • Live availability & lead times
  • Online chat, staffed by an Xa-DIRECT team
  • Order history & order tracking
  • Re-order capabilities
  • Presentation of tier discounts and negotiated pricing
  • Technical & regulatory document management
  • Invoices and payment status of each invoice
  • Easy access to live technical & order support

Aside from the clear benefits to SMB customers, directibility™ fully integrates into Xenon arc’s technology platform, enabling extensive analysis and data mining to provide greater insight and intelligence for materials producers. Producers can glean greater market intelligence, drive greater operating efficiency while tightening the bond with its customers.

“For years there has been a service imbalance between customers and producers in the materials industry,” added Mr. Warburg. “Through the directibility™ platform and the deployment of the Xa-DIRECT business model, customers can now rely on a holistic solution that brings them closer to selected manufacturers’ products, services and overall brand promise, while manufacturers develop deeper, more intimate relationships with their end-users in a significantly more cost-effective manner.

Xenon arc, with its Xa-DIRECT model, deploys private label commercial teams to represent specific producers, their products, and their respective brand promise, to their non-core, small business customer base.

“Go-to-market strategies must appreciate the unique needs of these often-underserved customers,” concluded Mr. Warburg. “Our research findings indicate that high quality customer experiences require the blend of advanced technology solutions and access to high quality, live sales and tech support reps. Our approach demonstrates customer care and appreciation for their business while providing our clients with increased business growth and transparency.”

About Xenon arc

Established in 2010, Xenon arc is a data-driven marketing and sales company, focused on enhancing the way materials producers engage with their SMB customers and segments. Xenon arc’s Xa-DIRECT model specializes in building private label, direct-to-market teams. With offices in the US, Europe, Mexico and Brazil, Xenon arc partners with producers looking to evolve, digitize, and enhance their go-to-market strategy. Xenon arc’s client list includes some of the most distinguished brands in the materials industry and is constantly expanding. For more information, visit