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World’s Smallest and Thinnest Mobile IoT Solution from Sequans and Skyworks Now Available Through Verizon’s ThingSpace IoT Accelerator Program at $6.50

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Sequans Communications (NYSE: SQNS) announced that Monarch SiP, a joint
system-in-package mobile IoT connectivity solution from Sequans and
Skyworks Solutions, is now available via Verizon’s ThingSpace IoT
Accelerator Program for a price as low as $6.50 to qualified customers
under Verizon ThingSpace terms and conditions. The SiP, introduced to
the market last year and certified by Verizon as a module, is jointly
marketed and sold by Sequans and Skyworks and has already been designed
into wearables and trackers by IoT device makers requiring an
ultra-compact solution.

“This is an incredible price for a connectivity solution that beats all
competing solutions available today,” said Nick Taluja, Sequans’ VP of
worldwide sales. “It is 66 percent smaller in size, more than 50 percent
thinner, and more than 90 percent better in low power consumption than
its nearest competitor. This remarkable breakthrough connectivity
solution, which represents a level of performance unmatched anywhere in
the world, was made possible by the very close supply chain
collaboration of Sequans and Skyworks.”

Monarch SiP combines Skyworks’ LTE universal, multi-band RF front-end
module with Sequans’ Monarch LTE-M/NB-IoT Platform in a single,
ultra-compact SiP that enables worldwide deployment and roaming
capability in a Single-SKU™. Monarch SiP achieves a very high level of
integration whereby baseband, RF transceiver, power management, RF
front-end, RAM memory, and most of the required passives, are integrated
into an 8.8 x 10.8 x 0.95 mm package for an industry-leading compact
size. The Monarch SiP mobile IoT solution is listed as SKY66430 in
Skyworks’ catalog and SQN66430 in Sequans’ catalog.

Key product features of Monarch SiP

  • Supports narrowband LTE UE categories M1/NB1, 3GPP Release 13/14
    LTE-Advanced Pro
  • World’s smallest and thinnest LTE for IoT connectivity solution
  • Integrated baseband, RF, RAM memory, power management, and analog
  • 0.5 mm ball pitch for easy routing and low-cost PCB design
  • +23dBm/+20dBm/+14 dBm power classes for lower data plan usage and
    ultra-efficient power consumption at cell edge and deep indoor with
    fewer repetitions
  • 1uA PSM for long sleep duration use cases
  • eco-Paging™ for ultra-low eDRX power consumption as low as 20uA
  • IoT-Findit™ location engine for accurate indoor/outdoor positioning
    without need of GNSS
  • IoT-Select™ offers the ability to switch seamlessly between CAT-M1 and
    CAT-NB1 networks
  • Single-SKU™ global deployment and roaming capability pre-integrated
    for support of up to 18-bands

Please visit Verizon ThingSpace
for more information.

About Sequans Communications

Sequans Communications S.A. (NYSE: SQNS) is a leading provider of
single-mode 4G LTE semiconductor solutions for the Internet of Things
(IoT) and a wide range of broadband data devices. Founded in 2003,
Sequans has developed and delivered seven generations of 4G technology
and its chips are certified and shipping in 4G networks around the
world. Today, Sequans offers two LTE product lines: StreamrichLTE™,
optimized for broadband devices, including CPE, mobile and portable
routers, and high-performance IoT devices; and StreamliteLTE™, optimized
for lower data rate and narrowband IoT devices, including wearables,
trackers, and sensors. Sequans is based in Paris, France with additional
offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Hong Kong,
Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, South Korea, and China. Visit Sequans online