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World’s First Analysis of Collaboration Platform Microsoft Teams Released by SWOOP Analytics

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SWOOP Analytics has released the world’s first benchmarking of Microsoft Teams, revealing chat is the most used function on the collaboration platform and employees are members of, on average, three teams.

Using real-time data, SWOOP found one in five teams using Microsoft Teams channels are working at optimal teaming and collaboration levels, while the majority of organizations are still experimenting and exploring with the platform.

SWOOP benchmarked the interactions of more than 47,000 people in more than 5,300 Teams spread across 15 organizations from a variety of industry sectors and geographies over a 12-week period.

Unlike traditional benchmarking, which typically relies on surveying opinions, SWOOP captures actual online interactions from all staff who use the collaboration platform.

The analysis found almost 50% of Teams members were active over the three-month sample period. This number would increase if teams were smaller in size.

Other key findings from the report include:

  • Chat is the most used function in Teams, making up 70% to 95% of all messages. Chat has 13 times the number of messages than Teams channels.
  • Staff, on average, are members of three teams but are mostly active in just one.
  • The most active team has 25 members, all active and connected to each other, interacting at the rate of 365 channel interactions/day or 14 interactions/member/day. This does not include Chat.
  • 11% of teams include guest members from outside the organization, showing organizations can leverage Teams to engage more closely with customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Almost 70% of teams have other apps added. Excel is the most popular tab added, followed by SharePoint and Planner.
  • Interaction data on Teams for measuring and monitoring an operating organizational culture can be combined with Yammer to provide a comprehensive mapping of organizational culture in real time.
  • “Collaborative Overload” is a real possibility for hyper-interactive staff, with the most active messaging and chatting at a rate of more than one message every minute.

In the full benchmarking report, SWOOP explores worst practices in Teams, how to avoid them and what to do better, showcases what a high performing team looks like and shares best practices from customer case studies.

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