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WorkFusion Brings Intelligent Automation Mainstream with Intelligent Automation Cloud and High-Speed Go-Live Program

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a leading intelligent automation and robotic process automation (RPA)
software company, today revealed Intelligent Automation Cloud, its new
AI-powered platform, along with a high-speed go-live program. Together,
this allows companies across the business spectrum to automate a wide
swath of operations well beyond RPA or other existing technologies with
unprecedented ease, speed and results.

As the only automation platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI)
and built for the enterprise, WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud
brings together all the capabilities needed to implement intelligent
automation at scale in a unified platform that can be deployed in just
weeks and without the need for third-party tools, data scientists or
custom coding.

The platform is powered by WorkFusion’s proprietary low-code machine
learning (ML) technology which lets business users train bots faster
than they can train people, eliminating the greatest impediment to
intelligent automation: the time consuming, costly and flawed process of
labeling and analyzing massive amounts of data and the continuous coding
of bots by ML engineers.

WorkFusion’s high-speed 1-6-12 go-live program – which offers a one-day
feasibility assessment and six-day proof of concept with the solution in
production in 12 weeks or less – lets companies deploy the Intelligent
Automation Cloud rapidly, a major leap in the speed at which intelligent
automation can be implemented.

“We have an unprecedented opportunity to transform the workplace with a
radically new approach to work and automation,” said Alex Lyashok, CEO
of WorkFusion. “AI and automation have changed the roles of people and
entire functions across the enterprise. Companies are ready to embrace
the potential of freeing employees from mundane work and focusing their
energy on innovation and transformation. WorkFusion’s Intelligent
Automation Cloud brings this to reality by allowing companies to
automate with ease, predictability and speed.”

Low-code, real-time learning bots bring intelligent automation

Intelligent Automation Cloud is built on smarter bots with real-time
learning, low-code ML and pre-emptive risk controls. According to
studies conducted by WorkFusion, more than 50 percent of process data
shifts weekly, requiring bots to be constantly retrained and re-coded –
a task that takes weeks with traditional RPA. The expert bots learn and
adapt in real time without the need for third-party tools, data
scientists or coding.

This is enabled by WorkFusion’s proprietary low-code ML logic which
places ML at the fingertips of the average business user and allows
anyone to train an automation bot, eliminating the burden of labeling,
analyzing and coding data and models.

The Intelligent Automation Cloud’s expert bots share their learnings
with other bots in the platform, creating a network effect that allows
all users to benefit from the continuous learning across the platform.

With a complete AI framework for risk control that includes differential
privacy, companies avoid the risks of rogue bots or data and model
exposure with robust in-process, pre-emptive controls.

Unified platform simplifies deployment and amplifies value

Traditional RPA relies on multiple external tools which must be licensed
and maintained, including optical character recognition (OCR),
analytics, AI and workflow. By bringing all capabilities together, the
Intelligent Automation Cloud platform lets companies automate a broader
range of processes and entire roles using a single platform at massive

The platform’s real-time predictive analytics shows not only how
automation has performed but how it will perform in the future – and how
to optimize it – so users can better plan cost and capacity with
data-driven decisions. Intelligent Automation also empowers
organizations with advanced workforce insights to further fine-tune
their entire operations.

Enterprise-wide deployment with massive scale

The platform enables deployment at massive scale with its plug-and-play
scalability. It runs on standard hardware and eliminates the need for
additional programming, making automation portable, repeatable and more
cost-effective across functions, business units and geographies.

With centralized governance that brings existing operation protocols
into automation, the platform eliminates siloes of RPA and ensures
maximum control, compliance and auditability.

“As demand for RPA and AI grows, enterprises are realizing the full
potential of intelligent automation,” said Praveen Bhadada, partner and
practice head at Zinnov. “WorkFusion has taken a unique approach to
helping automate well beyond RPA, which provides the simplicity and
scalability necessary to make critical business decisions based on
real-time data and analytics.”

About WorkFusion

WorkFusion’s AI-driven automation and RPA software offer intelligent
automation at scale for companies across the globe. Forward thinking
businesses and leading enterprises across the business spectrum choose
WorkFusion to reduce their total costs, up-skill their workforce and to
gain a competitive edge. WorkFusion is headquartered in New York City
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