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Wireless Carriers Must Increase Billing Transparency to Improve Satisfaction and Image, J.D. Power Finds

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By having clear, open and transparent customer communications,
especially with billing, wireless carriers will see an increase in
satisfaction, according to the J.D. Power 2019 Canada Wireless Customer
Care StudySM, released today. The study finds that 39% of
wireless customers were calling customer service to solve a problem and
half of those contacts were billing-related, usually an incorrect bill
amount or high bill complaint. Wireless carriers can benefit from
reducing these calls by increasing open communication.

“Customers experiencing billing issues are less satisfied, and that
translates into a lack of trust,” said Adrian Chung, Director at J.D.
“If wireless carriers can offer increased clarity around
billing expectations, proactive usage alerts and easy access to
information, they will see a boost in satisfaction and more positive
impressions of trust and value.”

Study Results

Virgin Mobile ranks highest with a score of 811. Videotron
(804) ranks second and Koodo Mobile (799) and SaskTel (799) rank
third in a tie. The industry average is 761.

The 2019 Canada Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Study is based on
responses from 4,818 customers who contacted their carrier’s customer
care department within the past six months. The studies evaluate
customer care experiences across 12 different customer care channels:
phone customer service reps; in-store contact; online chat; email;
social media post; carrier app question post; automated telephone
systems; website search; social media search; user forum; video from
carrier; and carrier app search. The study was fielded from February
through March 2019.

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J.D. Power
Canada Wireless Customer Care Study

Overall Customer Satisfaction Index Ranking
(Based on a
1,000-point scale)

Ranking     Wireless Carrier     Index Score


    Virgin Mobile     811
2 Videotron 804
3 Koodo Mobile 799
3 SaskTel 799
4 TELUS Mobility 786
5     Fido     767
Industry     Average     761
6 Freedom Mobile 752
7 Rogers Wireless 734
8 Bell Mobility 724
9 Bell MTS 713

Source: J.D. Power 2019 Canada Wireless Customer
Care Study

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