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Why Content Curation for Legal Has the Power to Enrich Our World

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Imagine a world where legal solution providers showcase their product and service offerings with rich media content, law firm leaders easily navigate and identify innovative vendors and solutions, thought leaders highlight their insights and expertise, and associations share relevant programming opportunities—all coming together in one place.

Traditionally, gathering insights and connecting to relevant solution providers, partners, and companies within the legal ecosystem has been an arbitrary, time-consuming, and costly process. The Aptivos platform has been designed to be an all-encompassing consortium of legal information, while concurrently serving as a cost-effective way for members (anyone can be a member, at no charge) to connect and engage.

“Over the years, I’ve engaged in countless conversations wishing aloud for one dedicated site for law firms and solution providers, where every company that works in legal technology could showcase their products and services—one central hub that would provide an informative and timely repository of cultivated data,” said Doug Geller, president of GDSI, one of the nation’s foremost legal software companies, and Aptivos founder. “Finally, I grew tired of wishing and created Aptivos.”

“With our relationships across thousands of small-to-mid-size law firms in the U.S., it has been abundantly clear that the legal industry has experienced a knowledge gap for years,” said Ray Zwiefelhofer, president of World Software Corp (Worldox), and Aptivos advisor. “The pandemic served as a conduit that further identified the industry’s desperate need to share information and resources. The Aptivos platform addresses these challenges—and takes it to the next level, by providing significant content and connections. I have been beyond impressed with its capabilities and am excited to see how my industry colleagues leverage the platform.”

Through the Aptivos platform, legal tech providers can easily create enhanced company product listings (including videos). Legal professionals can access tools such as “Ask the Expert” as well as blogs, videos, and other content by thought leaders on how colleagues and peers are addressing technology challenges. And industry associations can highlight programming opportunities directly to a targeted audience.

About Aptivos

Legal professionals seeking a community to connect with, learn from, and engage beyond their current networks leverage the Aptivos platform. Designed by legal software experts, site navigation is intuitive, providing relevant and timely educational content—in real-time. This content curation is designed as the single source to align you with experts, information, and resources.

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