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WEX’s Health Division Introduces National HSA Awareness Day Event, Partners with Renowned Financial Expert Jean Chatzky

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Today, the Health division of WEX
(NYSE: WEX), a leading financial technology service provider,
announced it has partnered with Jean Chatzky, founder and CEO of
HerMoney, renowned financial expert, and best-selling author, to launch
a new awareness initiative: National HSA Awareness Day. The day, which
will take place each year on October 15, is dedicated to bringing the
public and the healthcare benefits industry together to discuss the
power of health savings accounts (HSAs) and their ability to impact some
of the most prevalent issues Americans face today, such as: managing
health-related out-of-pocket expenses, preparing for unexpected
healthcare costs, and planning for retirement.

HSA Awareness Day is designed to help Americans understand the many ways
that HSAs can be used to save money using pre-tax dollars to pay for
out-of-pocket medical expenses. As a 2019 educational ambassador for HSA
Awareness Day, Chatzky will, along with WEX’s Health division and its
Partners, share the benefits and value of owning and using an HSA via
social media using #LoveMyHSA leading up to HSA Awareness Day. On
October 15, Chatzky and WEX’s Health division will co-host a
live-streamed discussion about best practices for building financial
preparedness for unexpected healthcare costs and will debunk myths and
misconceptions about HSAs.

“I am thrilled to team up with WEX’s Health division on this educational
mission,” says Chatzky, who also hosts the HerMoney podcast. “The larger
goal is to encourage people to ask questions, engage in dialogue with
their employers or providers, and make smart healthcare benefits choices
that will not only save them money, but also set them up for success
should something unexpected happen at any stage of life.”

WEX’s Health divisions’ research shows that millions of consumers are
still in the dark on the benefits of an HSA, missing out on
opportunities to both better prepare for healthcare costs and save for
retirement. In fact, some Americans don’t even know HSAs exist, and many
find HSAs—and employee benefit choices in general—to be confusing and
complex. WEX’s Health division’s recent research report, “Paying for
Healthcare in America: Challenges, Missed Opportunities, & What We Can
Do,” underscores these concerns. The report is available here.

“We thoughtfully and purposely designated October 15 as National HSA
Awareness Day as it is just ahead of open enrollment season for most
employer benefits plans. HSAs will be top of mind for consumers as they
make important and impactful decisions during the enrollment process,”
says Jeff Young, president, Health, WEX. “We hope the industry joins in
on October 15 this year and every year to grow and empower this
significant awareness mission and ultimately help more Americans benefit
from the advantages HSAs provide.”

For more information, visit
and follow along on social media by tracking the hashtag #LoveMyHSA.

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