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Wellview Health Announces Full Suite of Proprietary Specialized Health Solutions

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, the industry’s leading healthcare engagement company, has
announced Wellview
Care Connect
™, a full suite of proprietary specialized solutions to
support some of the costliest U.S. health conditions. Responding to
demand for simplified healthcare, Wellview Care Connect™ features Health
Advisor-guided support across all areas of the healthcare continuum with
67% utilization by at-risk employees, according to Dr.
Cole Barfield
, Wellview’s Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder.

“Engagement and utilization of health services is one of the biggest
challenges employers face in managing population health and rising
costs. With Wellview Care Connect™, our trusted Health Advisors
personally guide at-risk participants through proprietary health
solutions developed by our clinical team to increase engagement by those
that need it most,” says Dr. Barfield. “We are able to engage 67% of
participants who have a moderate to high health risk in our Care Connect
solutions, maintaining a 99% customer satisfaction rating and impacting
claims trend by more than a 20% differential. The impact of that level
of engagement can disrupt the healthcare industry.”

Wellview Care Connect™ features navigated support solutions for some of
the country’s most costly employee health conditions ranging from
obesity and hypertension to diabetes and depression. Each specialized
solution is personally guided by a trusted Wellview Health Advisor
collaborating with the employee’s clinical care team and health
specialists, as well as navigating the employee’s covered health
benefits and services.

Wellview Care Connect™ includes nine proprietary health solutions
developed over the past four years and offered as a free
employer-covered benefit to employees:

  • Healthy Living Solution: Support for health concerns specific
    to an individual’s readiness-to-change.
  • Healthy Weight: Motivation and support for lifestyle change to
    achieve and maintain long-term weight loss.
  • Healthy Heart: Support and education to lower total cholesterol
    and LDL, raise HDL, and prevent heart disease.
  • Healthy Blood Pressure: Support and education for lifestyle
    change to improve blood pressure and reduce risk.
  • Tobacco Cessation: Support and behavioral coaching to quit
    tobacco and make the commitment.
  • Mental Health: Support for mental and behavioral conditions
    such as stress, anxiety, grief, relational issues, and depression.
  • Diabetes Prevention: Education and health coaching for
    lifestyle habits to prevent type 2 diabetes.
  • Diabetes Control: Expert coaching and health specialists to
    educate and empower participants with skills to control their diabetes
    and live well.
  • Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby: Support for healthy pregnancy,
    delivery, and postpartum.

As experts in healthcare engagement, Wellview Health works alongside
mid- and large-sized employers to improve employee access to and
utilization of health and well-being benefits. Wellview’s predictive and
preventative high-tech, high-touch model creates up to 91% employee
engagement, and a 20.2% differential in employer claims trend.
Wellview’s multi-disciplinary health solutions approach integrates
personal health education, clinical provider services, behavioral health
support and advocacy, and simplified access and navigation of healthcare
services and providers to improve health outcomes and lower healthcare

Wellview Health continues to focus on strategic expansion in 2019 and
200% growth in 2020. To learn more about Wellview Health, please visit
us at,
or Twitter.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dr. Cole Barfield, Chief Medical
Officer and Co-Founder, and James Story, CEO and Co-Founder, are both
available for interviews. Visuals/photography is available upon request.