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Welcome Italia selects ADVA FSP 3000 for ultra-high-capacity enterprise services

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ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that Welcome Italia has selected its FSP 3000 and ALM fiber monitoring solution to enable assured high-capacity enterprise services throughout Italy. The technology partnership will create scalable fiber optic infrastructure and provide the security and reliability needed for IoT and 5G applications. Stretching over 2,500km and connecting Welcome Italia’s two main data centers, the new network features ADVA’s colorless, directionless and flexgrid multi-degree ROADMs, enabling automatic traffic rerouting for enhanced availability. The solution has also been primed for the comprehensive, low-latency security of ADVA’s ConnectGuard™ Optical encryption technology. ADVA’s partner Sirti is installing the network and will also provide ongoing maintenance and support.

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Image ADVA's FSP 3000 and ALM fiber monitoring solution will play a key role in delivering assured high-capacity enterprise services throughout Italy (Photo: Business Wire)

Image ADVA’s FSP 3000 and ALM fiber monitoring solution will play a key role in delivering assured high-capacity enterprise services throughout Italy (Photo: Business Wire)

”Our aim is to harness the best technology available to provide the ultimate service for our enterprise customers. ADVA’s scalable and efficient solution not only empowers us to deliver fast, flexible and secure business continuity services, but it also helps us reduce cost and lay the foundation for future growth,” commented Nicola Gallico, network manager and founder, Welcome Italia. “This deployment provides concrete answers to the most urgent needs of Italian enterprises. It means they can rely on high-speed, low-latency connectivity backed up by a fully redundant network architecture and protected by real-time fiber monitoring. With the support of the ADVA and Sirti team, we’ll continue to help our customers develop their businesses and seize new opportunities.”

Welcome Italia’s new backbone network serves enterprise clients throughout Italy with points of presence spread across the country. Built on the ADVA FSP 3000, it simplifies network operations and helps to reduce capital and operational expenditure. With its modular architecture, the FSP 3000 gives Welcome Italia the freedom to expand its network as soon as it’s required. The solution is also monitored by the ADVA ALM, which gives real-time insight into the integrity and performance of Welcome Italia’s fiber infrastructure, significantly improving robustness and efficiency. What’s more, the complete network is managed by Ensemble Controller, which combines efficiency in manual operations with programmatic control. This advanced management and domain control solution supports users while also enabling intelligent algorithms to gather data and take autonomous action.

“Welcome Italia chose our technology because it’s the ideal tool for meeting the needs of enterprise customers. It provides superb scalability and cost efficiency, enabling high-speed services that are secure and fully future proof. We’re pleased to be working closely with Welcome Italia’s team to ensure that businesses in this region can capitalize on the most advanced latency-sensitive applications as soon as they hit the market,” commented Marcello Forti, VP, sales, ADVA. “With the flexibility of our ROADM technology and our ALM providing complete fiber network visibility, this solution gives Welcome Italia a new level of agility and reliability. For enterprises across Italy, Welcome Italia’s new network will be the key to harnessing the business opportunities of the IoT.”

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Welcome Italia is an Italian telecommunication operator that simplifies your company’s communications with an integrated offer of mobile and fixed line services called Vianova. Vianova combines traditional services, like telephony and ultra-broadband data access, with unified communication and collaboration services like cloud, centrex, mail, meetings, Wi-Fi calls, busy calls, SIM manager. Welcome Italia is also appreciated for the quality of its customer care that answers calls in three rings. Two property data centers host the redundant infrastructure that allows the supply of services for the whole Welcome Italia Group.

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