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WekaIO Announces Integration with Amazon Nimble Studio

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WekaIO™ (Weka), one of the fastest-growing data platforms for artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), life sciences research, and high-performance computing (HPC), today announced its support for the launch of Amazon Nimble Studio. Amazon Nimble Studio is a service that empowers creative studios to produce visual effects, animation, and interactive content entirely in the cloud, from storyboard sketch to final deliverable.

When used in collaboration with Weka’s File System (WekaFS™), Amazon Nimble Studio users have access to a modern storage architecture on AWS that satisfies the needs of their production environments and accelerates demanding rendering projects without the hassle of infrastructure management.

Production studios increasingly need access to fast, reliable, and affordable on-demand compute and storage resources to cost-effectively support a geographically dispersed pool of creative artists. With Nimble Studio, artists can accelerate creative content output with virtual workstations, high-speed storage, and scalable rendering across AWS’s global infrastructure footprint. Studios can be set up in hours instead of weeks, work on more projects, and produce content faster by rapidly onboarding and collaborating with artists globally.

Available in AWS Marketplace, WekaFS with Amazon Nimble Studio provides the cloud infrastructure, tools, security, compliance, and storage for creative artists to accelerate their productivity. WekaFS is easy to deploy with Amazon Nimble Studio using AWS CloudFormation templates.

“As part of the launch of Amazon Nimble Studio, Weka is able to make sure that the ‘under the hood’ mechanics of deploying high-performance file storage are simplified, allowing creative artists to focus on what they do best – creating digital art, production and editing – rather than worrying about deploying storage,” said Barbara Murphy, vice president of cloud strategy at WekaIO. “With a few clicks, production teams of any size, from anywhere around the world, can build a studio to unleash their artistic talents, enjoying the same–or better–experience than they had when they sat in an office.”

WekaFS is a POSIX-compliant file system that delivers high streaming bandwidth to media workflows while maintaining low latency across the storage cluster to accelerate application performance. It offers a multi-protocol support with full file shareability and file locking across different operating systems. Windows, Mac, and Linux users can access and share files from a single project allowing for easy collaboration among creative teams.

Additional information is available on the Amazon Nimble Studio website or learn more about Weka’s cloud solution.

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