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WekaIO and PetaGene to Showcase an End-to-End Optimized Genomics Workflow at Bio-IT World

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the innovation leader in high-performance, scalable file storage for
data-intensive applications, will be demonstrating an optimized genomics
data analysis workflow at Bio-IT World in Boston, Mass., this week. Our
demonstration features WekaIO Matrix™, the world’s fastest parallel file
system; PetaGene, the maker of award-winning genomics data compression
solutions; and incorporates Sentieon’s award-winning genomics tools, for
accelerated genomic data analysis, and Western Digital’s ActiveScale™
cloud object storage for long-term storage and archival.

The cost of genome sequencing has dropped dramatically, resulting in an
explosion of genomic data which if stored on legacy NAS storage systems
can be prohibitively expensive. Current analytics platforms struggle to
process these massive amounts of data in a timely manner, and storage
costs dominate the budgets of large genomics applications. As storage
costs escalate and money gets diverted to pay for infrastructure, the
pace of discovery slows. Together, WekaIO, Western Digital Corp.,
Sentieon and PetaGene offer the genomics industry a scalable, robust and
high-performance solution that delivers performance that legacy NAS
systems cannot offer as well as a cost savings model that allows for the
research to continue rather than investing in more storage

WekaIO’s Matrix file system reduces time to discovery by providing low
latency data access and fast delivery of data to compute servers,
eliminating the I/O bottleneck and the CPU starvation problems common to
genomic and cancer research workloads. With a single namespace that
spans local storage and the cloud, Matrix™ delivers simplified
management and data protection. Its performance is 3x that of local file
systems and 10x that of traditional NAS. Together with PetaGene
compression and integrated tiering and remote backup to the cloud with
Western Digital ActiveScale™ object storage, WekaIO provides
unprecedented storage performance and capacity scaling for genome
sequencing workloads.

“We are excited to share our work with PetaGene for the life sciences
community at Bio-IT World,” said David Hiatt, Director of Business
Development at WekaIO. “Genomic workloads are among the most challenging
for storage systems with billions of small files and intense metadata
operations. Our software delivers extremely high bandwidth and IOPS
performance at a fraction of the cost of NAS appliances. Combined with
PetaGene’s groundbreaking compression technology, an integrated solution
reduces total storage costs and dramatically improves data
accessibility, helping to accelerate the pace of research and discovery.”

PetaGene genomic data compression provides up to 90% reduction of BAM
and FASTQ.gz file sizes, without any loss of information, resulting in
greater than 50% net savings in overall storage costs. In addition,
PetaGene compression technology reduces transfer times of genomic data
by 60% to 90%. Whether these compressed files are stored locally or in
the cloud, PetaGene’s PetaLink technology provides transparent and
secure access to this genomic data to all applications, tools, and
pipelines without modifications to established workflows.

“Our work with WekaIO results in a storage solution for genomics and
life sciences that is easy to manage and combines industry-leading
storage density and performance with breakthrough scale and economics,”
said Vaughan Wittorff, CCO and Co-founder of PetaGene. “Our ability to
provide lossless compression and workflow transparency of genomic data
combined with the high performance of both PetaLink and Matrix is an
infrastructure improvement that will benefit the entire genomics
industry. Furthermore, the Sentieon tools offer speed and accuracy of
the analysis of genomic data. PetaGene seeks to work strategically to
provide the genomics industry with novel solutions, and we are excited
to support WekaIO with this capability demonstration.”

See this joint solution from WekaIO, Western Digital Corp., PetaGene and
Sentieon demonstrated at Bio-IT World in Boston, Mass., on April 16-18,
2019, booth #501.

About WekaIO

WekaIO helps companies manage, scale and future-proof their data center
so they can solve real problems that impact the world. WekaIO Matrix™,
the world’s fastest shared parallel file system and WekaIO’s flagship
product, leapfrogs legacy storage infrastructures by delivering
simplicity, scale, and the best performance density per U, for a
fraction of the cost. In the cloud or on-premises, WekaIO’s NVMe-native
high-performance software-defined storage solution removes the barriers
between the data and the compute layer, thus accelerating artificial
intelligence, machine learning, genomics, research, and analytics

About PetaGene

PetaGene was founded in Cambridge, the birthplace of genomics, to
address the rapidly growing data management problems of the genomics
industry. PetaGene’s software enables compression of huge amounts of
genomic data without compromising on access or data quality. The
company’s products go beyond regular data reduction techniques and have
twice been recognized by Bio-IT World’s Best of Show Award for their
industry-leading performance and usability. For more information, visit
or e-mail