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Wayland Group Deploys Pivot3 Safe Campus Solution to Ensure Compliance with Health Canada Regulations

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a leading provider of intelligent infrastructure solutions, today
announced that Wayland Group has selected the Pivot3 Safe Campus
solution to ensure compliance with Health Canada regulations and protect
their rapidly growing cannabis business.

Wayland Group, based in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, is a global leader
in providing quality cannabis-derived medical and non-medical products.
Wayland protects the perimeter of its property, multiple buildings
across its campus and all areas of the facility where cannabis is
present with mission-critical video surveillance built on Pivot3’s
intelligent infrastructure. The Pivot3 infrastructure supports 300 Axis
cameras and hosts the Milestone video management software (VMS) and five
petabytes of data storage.

Health Canada regulations require cannabis growers to maintain a rolling
two years of video footage and may request video review at any time,
necessitating a search through petabytes of video data to locate the
requested footage.

“With Pivot3, we have the right solution in place to ensure quality and
compliance with government regulations,” said Stephen Lem, senior
director, security, Wayland Group. “Pivot3 enables us to respond to
video requests from Health Canada very quickly; what once took hours now
takes under a minute.”

Wayland Group has recently embarked on a global expansion plan to meet
the demand for legal cannabis. “Much of what sold me on Pivot3 was the
architecture, including the centralized management and ability to easily
scale the infrastructure to keep up with our growth,” said Lem. Wayland
also plans to add other applications, such as its enterprise
resource planning software, to the Pivot3 infrastructure. By having the
option to add multiple mixed workloads, Wayland increases its ROI and
lowers its footprint to realize immediate hardware savings.

Pivot3’s Safe Campus solution is purpose-built to provide the ideal
combination of security, performance, resilience and ease of use for
campus environments – multiple facilities sharing common grounds with
unique but overlapping security requirements. Pivot3 eliminates
downtime, data loss and video frame loss, provides seamless,
non-disruptive scalability, and provides the ability to consolidate VMS
and other security, IoT and datacenter applications on a single
platform. The result is sustained, always-available access to data, the
highest video integrity, the flexibility to expand systems and
operations as needed, and significantly reduced costs and complexity.

“We are creating the grow facility of the future, and by leveraging
Pivot3 intelligent infrastructure our investments will be paid back in
spades in terms of reduced corporate risk, reliability, ease of
management, and return on investment,” said Lem.

“Wayland is an innovative leader in the legal cannabis market, and we
are pleased to play a role in helping the organization protect its
critical assets and ensuring compliance across its infrastructure,” said
Brandon Reich, vice president of security and IoT, Pivot3. “Pivot3
provides high performance, the ability to scale easily and absolute
dependability, allowing Wayland to focus on delivering its product to
the customer while maintaining compliance with Canadian regulations,
ensuring that no video loss occurs and the data is easily accessible.”

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