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VuMedi Expands into New Therapeutic Areas to Aid in COVID-19 Crisis

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VuMedi, the leading digital video education platform for doctors, announced today that it is launching new therapeutic areas to aid in information sharing during COVID-19. This expansion into new specialties such as Internal Medicine, Pulmonology, Emergency Medicine, and Anesthesiology is in response to a time of extraordinary need for physicians to learn about COVID-19 from verified sources and well known medical establishments.

VuMedi’s platform gives doctors the tools to share and view long form video content that keeps pace with the real-time learnings from COVID-19. VuMedi has seen its platform usage grow as doctors seek out new ways to find reliable information remotely. As a result, VuMedi has registered 50,000 doctors in April and now has over 350,000 total doctors registered. The company’s engagement rate has also increased, resulting in the tripling of monthly minutes viewed to 1.7 million.

“The eyes of the world are on the medical industry and the heroes on the frontlines in this fight against COVID-19. VuMedi’s mission has always been to help doctors, and we give doctors what they want: reliable educational videos by prominent researchers. This expansion allows us to offer additional resources across practices on the pertinent topics related COVID-19: basic science, diagnostics, prevention and treatment,” said Roman Giverts, founder and CEO of VuMedi.

COVID-19 has accelerated the phenomenon of doctors seeking clinically relevant, succinct presentations of data in a compressed and categorized footprint. VuMedi delivers on that need by bringing together expert content from doctors and hospitals to one platform for clinical consumption. In a few weeks, VuMedi has become the top resource for COVID-19 with over 200 videos shared by Stanford, Mayo Clinic, UCSF, Cleveland Clinic and Mount Sinai.

“COVID-19 has added a new level of challenge for both patients and health care professionals. The VuMedi platform offers rapid access to important new data and clinical observations by leaders in the field,” said Dr. C. Ola Landgren, Chief of Myeloma Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. “The time from recording to posting is short, which ensures up-to-date content and it is easily accessible on any device. The impact and the value of VuMedi is huge!”

To lead the platform’s growth, VuMedi announces Dan Mosher as its new Chief Operating Officer. Dan comes to VuMedi from Postmates, where he forged partnerships with 75% of top 100 national restaurants and exclusive relationships with key local restaurants as the SVP of the Merchant Team. Prior to Postmates, Dan led the Advertising Exchange business at BrightRoll which was sold to Yahoo for $640 million in 2014.

“I joined VuMedi because it has the pieces in place to grow tenfold, and that was before the world went remote,” said Dan Mosher, COO of VuMedi. “The service is already essential to many of the top doctors across practices. COVID-19 accelerated the digital transformation across the medical world, and I believe that many of the technological changes that occurred in the last 60 days will remain in place well after the virus. I look forward to growing VuMedi into the platform all doctors turn to for relevant medical insight and education.”

About VuMedi

VuMedi is a healthcare education platform for clinicians to make optimal patient care decisions through comprehensive video education from a variety of trustworthy institutions and practitioners. The largest content source for educational videos, VuMedi provides doctors with authentic, comprehensive information about topics from sources such as hospitals, manufacturers and opinion leaders in their field. Today, over 350,000 doctors trust VuMedi to provide clinically relevant, succinct presentations of data in a compressed and categorized footprint.