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Vulcan Link Launches Chainlink Oracle Price Feeds on the Decentralized Web

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Vulcan Link, a Chainlink Node Provider, is announcing the launch of vulcanfeeds.crypto, a decentralized website with Chainlink price feeds. .Crypto is a blockchain domain registry built by Unstoppable Domains to enable censorship-resistant websites and simplify cryptocurrency payments.

Following notable blockchain companies like MyEtherWallet, Kyber Network, and Switcheo integrating .crypto domains, the launch of vulcanfeeds.crypto marks a continuation of popular applications deploying decentralized websites. Unlike centralized oracles, Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network creates a reliable system where multiple sources validate information before a smart contract is triggered, removing one single point of failure.

Unstoppable Domains co-founder Brad Kam commented, “Oracles are a critical part of decentralized web infrastructure. Chainlink’s data feeds being accessible to anyone in a censorship-resistant way is a huge step forward for the decentralized web.”

Decentralized oracles connect smart contracts with real-world data, allowing teams to build decentralized applications reliant on such information. With vulcanfeeds.crypto, developers are granted complete access to data ranging from prices of stocks, cryptos, and commodities to coronavirus cases.

“Vulcan Link is thrilled to launch the 1st ‘CoinMarketCap for oracle price feeds’ on the decentralized web. Users can go to vulcanfeeds.crypto and access official Chainlink price feeds and new experimental feeds on a censorship-resistant website,” added Léo Vigna.

Unstoppable Domains recently launched a Google Chrome extension to deliver censorship-resistant websites and an integration with Opera Browser. To date, thousands of websites have been launched to the decentralized web, and Unstoppable Domains has registered over 200,000 domains.

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About Unstoppable Domains:

Unstoppable Domains is a San Francisco-based company building domains on blockchains. The company is backed by Draper Associates and Boost VC and has received grants from the Ethereum Foundation and Zilliqa Foundation.

About Vulcan Link:

Vulcan Link is a Paris-based experienced Chainlink Node Provider. Vulcan Link connects smart contracts with real-world, off-chain data. Our decentralized oracle feeds will help power the next wave of DeFi protocols and DApps that use reliable off-chain data such as crypto prices, health metrics, and custom API requests. Find us at or vulcan.crypto (on supported browsers).