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Vocera Earns ATO to Provide Communication Solution to Air Force and Navy

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Communications, Inc.
 (NYSE:VCRA), a recognized leader in clinical
communication and workflow solutions, today announced it received an
Authority to Operate (ATO) from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)
that extends the potential purchase and deployment of the hands-free
Vocera Badge beyond the Army to facilities in the Air Force and Navy

This DoD security process is an integral part of authorizing, securing
and managing healthcare technology systems across the DoD. The ATO is
based on compliance with strict security requirements and risk
assessments outlined in the Risk Management Framework (RMF). The RMF, a
unified information security framework, was developed by the National
Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) to help DoD and federal
agencies manage and monitor information technology risks.

“For many years the wearable Vocera Badge has been used in MEDCOM
facilities around the world to improve care team communication,” said
Gregory Young, vice president of military health systems at Vocera.
“With this new ATO, we are very excited to extend our customer base and
offer our defense-grade solution to healthcare facilities in the U.S.
Air Force and Navy.”

The Vocera Badge meets all federal government requirements, is FIPS
140-2 compliant, and Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC)
certified. Proven to reduce steps and save time, this communication
solution enables mobile healthcare workers to connect with the right
person, group and information instantly. It also integrates with more
than 140 clinical systems, including electronic health records, nurse
call systems, physiologic monitors, and real-time location systems.

About Vocera

The mission of Vocera Communications, Inc. is to simplify and improve
the lives of healthcare professionals and patients, while enabling
hospitals to enhance quality of care and operational efficiency. In
2000, when the company was founded, we began to forever change the way
care teams communicate. Today, Vocera offers the leading platform for
improving clinical communication and workflow. More than 1,850
facilities worldwide, including nearly 1,600 hospitals and healthcare
facilities, have selected our clinical communication and workflow
solutions. Care team members use our solutions to communicate and
collaborate with co-workers by securely texting or calling, and to be
notified of important alerts and alarms. They can choose the right
device for their role or task, including smartphones or our hands-free,
wearable Vocera Smartbadge and Vocera Badge. Interoperability between
the Vocera Platform and more than 140 clinical and operational systems
helps reduce alarm fatigue; speed up staff response times; and improve
patient care, safety, and experience. In addition to healthcare, Vocera
is at home in luxury hotels, aged care facilities, nuclear power
facilities, schools, libraries, retail stores, and more. Vocera
solutions make a difference in any industry where workers are on the
move and need to connect instantly with team members and access
resources or information quickly. In 2017, Vocera made the list of
Forbes 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America. Learn more at
and follow @VoceraComm on Twitter.

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