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Visionary Leadership, “Sustainovations” and Great People Launch Packsize to the Top of the Leader Board in 2019

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Packsize received this month three national and local business program honors that call attention to the manufacturing technology company’s role in responsibly protecting, preserving, and improving the environment. The recognition pays tribute to Packsize CEO Hanko Kiessner’s exemplary passion for sustainability, and its advanced and automated right-sized packaging on-demand solutions.

Packsize makes top 25 half of Utah Business Fast 50 list as one of Utah’s fastest growing businesses. Two Business Intelligence Group 2019 Sustainability Awards also announced earlier this month include:

  • Sustainability Product of the Year: On Demand Packaging® Systems

    Packsize’s ingenuity in preserving raw material began through its pioneering ability to create a right-sized box for every product, on demand. As a revived interest in sustainability focused on packaging builds worldwide, Packsize customers are already well-aligned with the growing base of business, regulatory, and consumer attitudes toward reducing societal and environmental impacts. By combining advanced machinery and workflows, recyclable materials, and intelligent software, On Demand Packaging® systems produced more than 300 million right-sized boxes in 2018 alone, eliminating an estimated 25 tons of CO2 for every 1 million square feet of corrugated saved.
  • Sustainability Hero of the Year: Hanko Kiessner, Founder and CEO

    An entrepreneur and visionary, Kiessner established the goal of creating “Smarter Packaging for a Healthy Planet®” for Packsize in 2002. Through his leadership, Packsize sets the trend for on-site box-making via innovative sustainable packaging technologies. Kiessner also founded Leaders for Clean Air (LFCA), a Utah-based non-profit focused on clean energy and zero tailpipe emissions.

About Packsize®

Packsize is a multinational technology company that develops, manufactures, supports, and sells a full spectrum of advanced packaging systems and automated machine technology. Packsize customers achieve packaging sustainability workflow through the ability to create a right-sized box for every product, on demand. These customers achieve packaging sustainability workflow that integrates with their environment to result in several operational efficiencies, savings, and most importantly—customer satisfaction. Learn how to benefit from Smart Packaging for a Healthy Planet® at or call 801.944.4814. Follow Packsize on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.