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Virtual health in battling COVID-19: Experts at Infiniti Research explain why virtual health will dominate the future of healthcare

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Infiniti Research is a leading provider of market intelligence services to businesses around the globe. For over 15 years, Infiniti has been helping companies across industries to identify key market challenges and strategize to meet the changing market demands. Since the coronavirus outbreak, experts at Infiniti Research have also been working closely with several healthcare companies to plan for the contingencies ahead. Request a free brochure for more insights into our COVID-19 support solutions for healthcare companies.

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Infiniti's COVID-19 rapid response solutions. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Infiniti’s COVID-19 rapid response solutions. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Virtual healthcare is gaining momentum across the globe, especially because of the technology’s proven capability to inform, personalize, accelerate, and augment prevention and care. Virtual health equips health stakeholders as well as the patients with the ability to share health-related data and engage in personalized interactions remotely. Furthermore, virtual health-facilitated robotics and automation relieves clinicians of mundane, administrative, or routine tasks, giving them more opportunities to focus on patient care. Consequently, experts at Infiniti Research believe that virtual healthcare will soon become the cornerstone for enhancing well-being and care delivery, along with promoting superior patient engagement and experience.

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Some of the key benefits that virtual healthcare provides include:

  • Enhances care coordination
  • Improves clinical outcomes through home-based telemonitoring
  • Enhances patient experience
  • Improves efficiency of care as patients and healthcare professionals save more time
  • Expands consumer access to healthcare

Virtual healthcare is playing a critical role in the COVID-19 response. Gain key market insights on the virtual health market and learn how we can help you strategize to successfully implement it in your organization. Get in touch with an industry expert.

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