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Videojet Upgrades Fiber Laser Portfolio with New Videojet 7230 and 7330 Fiber Laser Marking Systems

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To meet manufacturers’ demands for a light, compact and adaptable fiber
laser solution, Videojet Technologies, a global leader in coding,
marking and printing solutions, has introduced the new Videojet® 7230
and 7330 models to upgrade its existing range of fiber laser marking
systems. The powerful marking solutions are up to 44 percent lighter
than similar fiber lasers from other providers and give manufacturers
marking versatility.

Videojet understands manufacturers’ varying needs for coding and marking
on parts, consumer packaged goods, and pharmaceutical products, and has
specifically designed the new 7230 and 7330 fiber lasers to meet their
unique coding requirements. The lasers are ideal for demanding
production schedules within these markets, as manufacturers need marking
systems that can keep pace and provide a high level of code contrast on
robust, high-density materials.

Available with 10 and 20 Watts of output power respectively, the
Videojet 7230 and 7330 fiber lasers provide increased productivity and
operational freedom through several enhanced features. Users can select
either a 6mm marking head for high-speed production or a 10mm marking
head for parts marking with fine detail, offering flexibility and
application confidence for marking on various product shapes and sizes.

The 7230 and 7330 fiber lasers offer enhanced productivity benefits by
allowing manufacturers to mark codes faster on more products than
previous Videojet fiber lasers, due to a combination of improved data
processing speeds and marking speeds up to 2,000 characters per second,
depending on the application.

These new lasers provide seamless integration into the production line.
Users can choose to control the Videojet 7230 and 7330 using Videojet
Touch Control Software+ (TCS+) on the IP65-rated TU430 10.1-inch color
touchscreen laser controller or on most browser-based devices. Another
option is the advanced Videojet CLARiTY™ Laser Controller featuring an
intuitive touchscreen and CLARiTY software that is also used with many
other Videojet marking and coding solutions.

“Manufacturers can benefit from a lightweight, compact and agile fiber
laser solution, offering versatility in tight spaces,” said Sascha
Ammesdoerfer, Laser Business Unit Manager at Videojet Technologies. “The
option of a zero or 90 degree marking head orientation provides
flexibility on production lines with space limitations. The 6mm marking
head has the smallest laser head dimensions in the industry.”

Both the 7230 and 7330 help to minimize downtime and increase
productivity with an air-cooled laser source that virtually eliminates
maintenance intervals. The lasers also use no consumables such as inks,
solvents or compressed air, and contain no wear parts to replace. The
Videojet 7230 and 7330 fiber laser marking systems enhance the Videojet
fiber laser portfolio while offering manufacturers operational freedom.

For more information about the Videojet 7230 and 7330 fiber laser
marking systems, call 800-843-3610 or visit

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