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Vessti Announces Addition of Over 250 Alternative Investments to Platform

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Vessti, a financial technology company delivering a complete database of alternative investments has announced the addition of over 250 products to its portal. Products include Reg-A offerings, Reg-D 506c, non-traded REIT’s, and BDC’s. The products encompass a full spectrum of sectors from real estate, to tech, to agriculture, and beyond.

The app which is already available in the app store on an invite-only basis is expected to be made publicly available in the coming weeks.

Vessti expects to add an additional 200 offerings by the time it is made publicly available.

“We don’t see anyone today offering such a solution to the public. Sure, the public has access to vanilla offerings such as stocks, but they deserve so much more. We want to expose the public to the benefits of alternatives and help people understand how accessible they actually are.” said Chief Technology Officer, Yoav Poni.

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About Vessti

Vessti is the market leader in alternative investment platforms. Through Vessti’s database of alternative investments individuals may view and evaluate alternative investments in an easy-to-use app.