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Vertica Delivers 144% ROI for Criteo

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Nucleus Research has published a case study showing how the Vertica analytics platform delivered 144 percent ROI for its customer Criteo, with payback in 2.1 years.

Nucleus found that Criteo “experienced year-over-year revenue growth and increased productivity from faster processing and task automation with Vertica. Since deployment, the organization has seen an average revenue increase of more than 21 percent and improved IT productivity that saved the company more than $500,000.”

Criteo, an advertising platform for the Open Internet, with an ecosystem favoring neutrality, transparency, and inclusiveness, deployed Vertica on premises to accommodate the volume and velocity of data the company processes daily, increase revenue by reducing the time-to-market, and add advanced analytics capabilities to manage Criteo’s resource management.

Key benefits highlighted in the case study include:

  • Average annual revenue increase of 21%
  • Improved productivity that saved the company over $500,000
  • Stronger alignment with business objectives through greater visibility into internal workflows

“Criteo has more than 100 petabytes of data available for processing at any given time,” said Barbara Peck, lead Nucleus analyst on the report. “Vertica was the only application with the ability to manage the data volumes Criteo needed to query and provide greater processing efficiency.”

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