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Verint Provides Details on Successful Mitigation of Last Week’s Ransomware Attack

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Verint® Systems
 (Nasdaq: VRNT) a global provider of Actionable Intelligence®
solutions, announced today that on April 16th the company
experienced a ransomware attack. Verint quickly identified and
remediated the attack, and fully restored Verint’s IT services in less
than 24 hours without any impact to customers or partners.

These kinds of attacks have been common by groups attacking
organizations to benefit financially from ransom. Verint was able to
quickly and successfully mitigate the attack without paying any ransom.

Verint’s success in mitigating the attack quickly is partly attributed
to leveraging its own data mining software designed to accelerate
malware investigation. Verint’s Threat Protection System (TPS) pointed
to lateral movement trails and attempts to connect to command and
control servers. Using the deep forensic data automatically generated by
Verint TPS from both network and endpoints, the SOC (Security Operations
Center) analysts uncovered the attack storyline and leveraged real-time
information to quickly contain the attack.

“Consistent with best practices and as a cautionary matter, Verint
continues to proactively monitor its operations, as well as all customer
facing software and infrastructure, and no new occurrences of the
ransomware have been detected since April 16th,” said Peter
Fante, Verint CAO.

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