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Vendita Technology Releases Latest Version of Game-Changing Software

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Tampa based technology firm, Vendita Technology Inc, has developed and launched their newest iteration of their proprietary software, MAS – MAS 4.0.

Vendita’s MAS software (Master Automation Solution), was designed by database administrators for database administrators. It allows IT Organizations to manage numerous databases effortlessly through a “Single Pane of Glass” experience.

From one dashboard, MAS 4.0 allows DBAs to update and back up multiple databases simultaneously, automate maintenance processes, implement security protocols, create script and query repositories, perform Oracle compliance audits and more. The result is fewer man-hours spent on database management and a 3x increase in IT resource productivity.

MAS 4.0 is also compatible with various systems such as MYSQL, Oracle, Maria, AWS, SQL Server and Azure, so it can be implemented by nearly any organization.

“My 20 years within the Database IT space has given me extensive experience into the struggles of what most enterprise-level organizations deal with when maintaining database environments,” said Vendita CEO Doug Sullinger. “By bringing together a team of developers who could create software to help fix these issues our team felt that we could make their working lives better than ever before.”

A study by Gartner found that when MAS is implemented in environments, DBAs saw an increase in overall productivity by 40 percent. MAS 4.0 continues and improves the game-changing solutions brought by previous versions to improve the work lives of DBAs everywhere.

Vendita’s core mission is to empower organizations by transforming their IT experience through cross-platform database automation solutions and licensing services. This collaborative “Single Pane of Glass” focus provides our customers with an industry-leading automation bridge to their next database environment. Visit to learn more.